Difference Between Fake leather & Real Leather

Most of us don’t go and buy a leather jacket every other day. It can be a once or twice in a lifetime experience so having the proper knowledge about it is a must. What if you plan on buying a real leather jacket but don’t really know how to figure out the difference between real and fake ones or how to Identify Genuine Leather?
Here’s a complete guide to enable you in order to make an informed decision when it comes to the leather jacket shopping.

Genuine leather Isn’t real leather

Genuine Leather Isn’t Real Leather

People often get confused between real and genuine leather. Actually they are both very different from one another with distinctive features and characteristics. Genuine leather is the lowest level of leather that doesn’t last long as compared to the real leather. However, real leather is the best quality leather that lasts a lifetime and won’t make you regret it even for a second.

Real leather shouldn’t feel like plastic

Real Leather Shouldn’t Feel Like Plastic

Real leather feels like skin because it’s basically an animal hide and ages like a human being. It can either feel rough or smooth but never like a plastic. With time, it gets wrinkles and gets a little stretched but that’s only natural so don’t worry about it. Real leather is capable to absorb a small amount of water just like natural skin. However, a large amount of water can cause tearing.

Real leather is more expensive

Real Leather Is More Expensive

Animal hide goes through the tanning process in order to come up with real leather that is durable. Without this process, the leather is more likely to dehydrate and damage easily after a while. The use of all-natural products i.e. tanning and coloring instead of harmful chemicals makes real leather so much more environment-friendly and of course expensive. This is why it is more expensive, reliable and doesn’t crack easily. Hence, it’s better to invest in something that’s worth all your money and effort.

Real leather doesn’t crack easily

Real Leather Doesn’t Crack Easily

Leather comes out of the animal skin so how is it possible for the skin to crack? Even after the hide is separated from animal flesh, it continues to have properties pertaining to animal skin. The best part about real leather is that just like your skin, you apply moisturizer if it gets a bit dry. You can grab a good quality leather conditioner and keep your jacket as good as new for a long time. On the other hand, fake leather, once it starts to chip off, no amount of moisturizer or leather conditioner can save it.

Real leather doesn’t catch fire easily

Real Leather Doesn’t Catch Fire Easily

Fake leather is more likely to catch fire and burn down because there’s more plastic in it. Real leather on the other hand has a high resistance against fire and won’t be destroyed. You can just take our word for it, don’t set your jacket on fire to find it out. So it’s better to get a real leather jacket if you often go out for bonfire with friends.

Real Leather Should Wrinkle When You Press On It

Real Leather Should Wrinkle When You Press On It

Fake leather is not flexible which is why it won’t be affected at all when you press it. However, real leather would look wrinkled and pulled if you give it a quick press. Real leather is a natural material which contains natural human skin-like properties. Go on, try this. You can see it for yourself. You might not be able to set your jacket on fire to check its resistance but you can certainly press on it.

With this million-dollar information to differentiate between real and fake leather, you can just go out and get yourself a real leather jacket. Or how about you just pick one from the wonderful collection at MONT5?

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