Messenger Bags Vs Briefcases- What Is The Difference?

People nowadays prefer to keep their luggage to the minimum for which they carry messenger bags. In order to look more fashionable and up to date, messenger bags and briefcases are the preferred choices by both, men and women. What’s special about these bags is that you can’t get the elegance and sophistication that these bags offer in other carry-all bags such as a backpack. Can you imagine yourself wearing a suit and tie for an important business trip and carrying a backpack along? For that, Messenger bags and briefcases are your go-to fashion accessory. To avoid any kind of fashion disaster, we’re here to help you figure out which bag should you prefer for certain occasions. They’re all useful but you should know about your needs and preferences once you go out to buy one.

Many people get confused between the messenger bags and briefcase because of some similar features. However, one must know all about it in order to make an informed decision. Your overall corporate look depends on the bag that you carry so don't make the mistake of picking the wrong one based on limited or no knowledge. Shopping online for the messenger or briefcase bag can be even more confusing and frustrating as most companies market them both together under the same description. It takes an expert to differentiate between the two.

Messenger Bag

Features of Messenger Bag
Messenger bags were initially popular among those who ride bicycles i.e. high schoolers as well as postmen. However, over the past few years, these bags gained popularity among men and women of all ages. The messenger bag is an ideal fashion accessory for school, college, office, short trips, or a bike ride. If you want to let go of that formal professional image of yours and take a break, opt for the fashion-forward messenger bag.

  • It is usually worn across the body which provides ease during a bike ride or commute.
  • They are soft & subtle and come in varied textures & fabric material providing a number of options for the buyer.
  • It has a floppy texture as compared to a briefcase and comes with a large front flap.
  • A messenger bag usually comes with one or two compartments to accommodate your essentials.

Advantages of Messenger Bag
Ditch your backpack for the amazing and stylish messenger bag that can accommodate your everyday essentials and helps your carry it around with the smooth shoulder strap.

  • A huge range of colors is offered when it comes to a messenger bag.
  • And not to forget the low prices as compared to the briefcase that makes it easy for you to buy two or three messenger bags to match with your everyday outfits.
  • Cleaning and maintaining a messenger bag is extremely convenient because of its fabric material.

Features of Briefcase

Features of Briefcase
What comes to your mind when you think about a briefcase? Money, business, professional attire, right? Well, these are the things we have been associating briefcases with and that is exactly what a briefcase is all about. So if your professional life requires you to look more like an executive, a man of power, or the boss, a leather briefcase is the right pick for you.

  • A briefcase is normally held with one hand, usually the right hand, and comes in limited shades i.e. brown, black & tan.
  • Unlike a messenger bag, a briefcase has more defined compartments for documents, a laptop with charger, and other small accessories like a wallet.
  • One of the biggest distinguishing features of the briefcase is that it sits up straight when you place it on the floor or a desk because of its solid body frame.

Advantages of Briefcase
If you’re one of those guys who regularly wear suits and ties, a briefcase can actually take your overall professional look to a next level.

  • The lock at the front of your briefcase will prevent your documents.
  • A briefcase maintains its shape which makes it easy for you to access anything inside it.
  • The hard exterior makes it waterproof and won’t let the rain ruin your belongings inside the briefcase.
  • If you like to keep your stuff separated in different compartments for quick and easy access, a briefcase is a right choice for you.

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