Perfect Handmade Leather Backpacks For College

After the horrible Covid period, life is finally getting back to normal, schools and colleges are finally reopening and markets are getting crowded all over again. To make a long-lasting impression on everyone on your day back to college, A functional, durable and comfortable backpack is a must-have. You might find it difficult to decide on which type of backpack fulfills all your educational and fashion needs in the best way possible. We’re here to tell you all about it so you can make an informed, sensible buying decision. Let’s help you find the perfect backpack that you won’t regret spending your money on.

Handmade Leather Backpacks

Some of the most important characteristics that your backpack must have include durability, spacious compartments, long straps, and a stunning outlook. Because no matter how important the quality of a bag is, looks matter a lot as well. Some of you might be on a budget when making a purchase because you probably got to pay your college fee and other bills as well. Finding that perfect backpack for college that doesn’t rip you off can be a tricky task but don't sweat! MONT5 brings to you a gorgeous bag collection that too at the most reasonable rates to ensure an exciting and comfortable college experience.

There is no match to this bag when it comes to sophistication and charm. The simple, minimal, and uniform exterior of the backpack is damage-resistant with its high-grade premium leather and graceful appearance. Above all, the premium quality leather that has been used in the making of this masterpiece is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. It will stay as good as new even after regular use because of all the protective oil and wax coating.

Stunning looks are combined with durable material to create this masterpiece. If you’re looking for a backpack for college that screams elegance while providing you a product that will get you through tough and hectic college days, this should be your first pick. No matter how careful you are, your backpack is going to go through some difficult times because students sling it over their shoulders, (over)stuff it with journals, shove it into the trunk of their car, and drop it on concrete during a break as well.

A college backpack made out of top grain cowhide leather is the only accessory that can stand the test of time. Any other material might not last a single semester so save yourself the trouble of replacing your backpack every once in a while by choosing this vintage one. You can never take it to your workplace once you’re finished with your college because seriously, it will last that long. All those memories you made during your college can be carried along with this backpack as you step into the professional world.

Have a look at this brown backpack, for instance, the Leather of this one is premium quality and can easily beat out the competition in this department. Above all, who wouldn’t like a pretty leather bag that lasts for a long time? Crazy horse finishing and full-grain leather come together to create a vintage and a super cool rugged vibe. With the passage of time, real leather develops a beautiful patina and keeps getting better with each passing year.

How often do you come across a backpack that has a buttery soft texture and vintage rugged look at the same time? Not often, we believe. So here’s your chance to join the club and be know as someone as the guy/girl with the cool backpack in your college.

As a student, you’d have to carry your backpack from one class to another all day long. Can you imagine being able to do that with a backpack that makes your back hurt and shoulders ache? Never. You already have enough to deal with as a college student, we wouldn’t want you to suffer at the hands of a poorly constructed backpack.

You need a lightweight backpack that provides comfort along with the ease of commuting on a daily basis. But the issue is that lightweight bags are often light in quality as well so the real challenge is to find the one that doesn’t compromise on quality in any way. This brown vintage leather backpack is made from Authentic crazy horse leather and along with utmost charm, it offers rugged durability.

Keeping all your stuff organized inside the backpack is as important as the quality and looks of the bag itself. We understand that easy and quick access to your notebook, laptop, or pen is absolutely essential which is why MONT5 came up with this beige leather backpack that can be converted into a messenger bag or a handbag at your convenience while being fully equipped to keep your college essentials handy.

Multiple compartments and pockets provide better organization & accessibility, this exquisite bag is all about that. The special roomy laptop compartment, secure pockets, and authentic Full-grain cowhide leather with the crazy horse finishing provide superior protection against bumps or bad weather. The shoulder strap of this handmade backpack purse is detachable and multipurpose. Apart from its super cool color, the shape and unique design of this convertible leather bag are something you shouldn’t miss out on.

A great backpack is not just about keeping your stuff handy, it should also provide protection against any damage. Do you think a bag made out of cheap fabric is capable of doing that? Not really. This is exactly why you need a backpack made from real leather. To give it some extra sturdy-ness, we have treated this bag with the Crazy horse finishing and it’s been buffed with a natural wax to increase water resistance as well.

This handmade leather bag backpack is simple yet very spacious and comes with separate compartments on the inside for your essentials as well. It gives you enough space to keep all your must-haves while you walk through the hallways to get to the class. Khaplu can accompany you to a sleepover at a friend’s place for a study group too. And it's super soft carry straps will keep your shoulders at ease while doing that.

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