What Is A Shoulder Bag?

There must be a number of bags in your closet that come under the category of shoulder bags. So basically, any bag that comes with a strap and is of the size that you can easily carry on your shoulder is what we call a shoulder bag. You can find mini straps on clutches or toiletry bags but they are not meant to be carried on shoulders. You can either wear it around your wrist or carry it in hand. So it’s pretty much about the long, durable, and comfortable straps that make a good, easy-to-carry shoulder bag. In the fashion world, we consider totes, crossbody bags, and hobos as shoulder bags as they all come with straps and can be carried on the shoulder to keep hands free. The way you wear these is totally up to you; hang them on one side or across the body to divide the weight.

Tote vs Shoulder Bag

Tote vs Shoulder Bag

The simplest and probably the only noticeable difference between tote and shoulder bags lies in the straps. The tote comes with two shoulder straps however the other one has a single strap. Someone who is not an expert on these matters would hardly notice this difference but with time and regular use, you’ll notice that tote has a much wider opening as compared to the other one. And this difference matters a lot if you’re looking for convenience, and quick & easy access to your essentials. Another factor is the zipper or button closure on the shoulder bag, tote doesn’t necessarily have one.

Can You Wear A Tote Bag On Your Shoulder?

Can You Wear A Tote Bag On Your Shoulder?

Honestly, you can carry your bag whichever way you want and feel comfortable. Fashion is all about being confident in your own style. The straps on a tote bag are comparatively smaller and are meant to be carried in hand however, while shopping or running errands, it’s not the ideal situation. Therefore, carrying your tote on the shoulder is perfectly fine and it even looks stunning if paired with the right outfit. There is something you must consider if you plan on wearing it on the shoulder, don't overstuff your tote otherwise your arm would be stretched outwards and will look weird.

What Is The Difference Between A Satchel And A Shoulder Bag?

What Is The Difference Between A Satchel And A Shoulder Bag?

Similar to the above-mentioned difference regarding straps, the same is the case with satchel and shoulder bags. All the difference lies in the straps and sometimes, in the shape of the bag. A satchel is usually hard, has a flap that covers the front and it maintains the shape if you put it on a table or floor horizontally. A shoulder bag, on the other hand, is a vast term but the bags that come under this category have a long single strap. A satchel is a handbag with short handles that you clutch with your hands or hook through one arm. A shoulder bag is a style that you carry on one shoulder, like a tote.

Our Top 5 Shoulder Handbags

Let’s have a look at some of our favorite fashion leather accessories you can carry with style while keeping all your essentials intact. We aim to talk about all kinds of bags that could be categorized as shoulder bags to make it easy for you. Keep scrolling till you find the bag that’s perfect for you and fulfills all your fashion requirements.

Firstly, here’s a bag that provides you the comfort of a shoulder bag while being spacious enough to fit in all you might need on a weekend trip. Handmade Hunza Tan Men's Leather Shoulder Duffle Bag With Laptop Compartment is the perfect bag to pack your essentials. The vintage leather bag fits perfectly well on the airplane as a hand carry. The durable and long-lasting hardware ensures that your bag is usable even after years of wear. This leather luggage lets you keep all your essentials protected and organized on a long as well as a short trip. You can literally pack anything along because this duffel is roomy and can accommodate all you may think of.

As mentioned before, you can definitely treat your tote as a shoulder bag despite the fact that it has short straps. This Brown Shoulder Tote With Zipper made using solid copper rivets and quality leather is the perfect example. The soft and comfortable straps are made out of vegetable-tanned leather for carrying anything and everything you want. The spacious interior of this bag makes it easy for you to keep your mobile, keys, wallet, earphones, makeup, or anything which needs quick access. The Brown Leather Tote is soft, supple, and has been treated with a top-coat of wax to protect it. This lady’s leather bag will continue to develop a beautiful patina with time.

Clutches are usually small with no straps but this one is an exception and we’re really proud of it. This Shoulder Clutch Purse has turned out to be a masterpiece with its adjustable leather strap and gorgeous color. The mini clutch purse is your next go-to bag with a modern design and is so durable that you won't have to worry about replacing it for a long time. It is spacious enough to carry your wallet, keys, phone, and other essentials. Super smooth texture and real leather make it even more desirable and easy to maintain.

A simple Shoulder Convertible Backpack with a strap is a cliche so how about we bring to you something that can be turned into a backpack as well as a shoulder bag depending on your need and mood? Handcrafted Convertible Leather Backpack Purse is made with full-grain cowhide leather that has super spacious multiple pockets to keep your essentials fully secure. The shoulder strap of this handcrafted backpack purse is detachable and multipurpose. Pure creativity and state-of-the-art stitching are what this bag is all about. Apart from its super cool color, the shape and unique design of this convertible leather bag are something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Although there’s a difference between satchel and shoulder bag but what if we get you both in one product? Exciting, no? Time to say hi to this Vintage Brown Leather Shoulder Satchel in the best quality and a spiffy color. It’s specially designed to keep your laptop and other essentials safe with the super-soft calf leather. Its spacious compartments can easily accommodate a book, important documents, charger, or a power bank. You can just pick up your Ideal leather briefcase and head out for work. It is not just attractive from the outside but equally soft and smooth from the inside.

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