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  • Link to your photo/video uploaded on social media with the tag #MONT5 with your jacket
  • Attached photo/video with the email

MONT5 is all about community from our craftsmen to our customers. Just as you enjoy having those personal touches on the jackets we love to see you're wearing and enjoying the MONT5 . That we’ve put our hearts into making and we like to share these with our craftsmen for them to see where their craft is going around the globe. It keeps us motivated.

And hey! It connects you guys with each other seeing what and how the others are wearing their MONT5 personally we love learning new ways to wear our MONT5 online.

In case you have any ambiguities regarding our cashback program please write to us at

The public images and the images/videos sent to us maybe used online on our website and other publicity/marketing material.

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