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You can find MONT5’s presskit on dropbox

“The startup draws its inspiration from the five highest mountain peaks in Pakistan and each jacket is named after a region straddling them”

“Although, Mont5 is more geared towards international markets right now, it will not be long before this luxury can become affordable in the local market too, as the cost of production drops down further with new innovations”

“it’s not difficult to see why there’s interest in promoting handcrafted leather goods. The sector contributes more than US$1.1 billion in value-added exports from Pakistan and there’s a large number of skilled craftsmen proficient in hand-stitched products”

“Mont5 working by cutting the middle man out and providing goods from the craftsmen directly to their customers”

“At mont5 craftsmen involved in stitching the jackets receive a fair percentage of the sale. If company takes off then they’ll look into further incentives for craftsmen”

“By now it is evident that the Pakistani leather industry as a whole needs fresh perspectives and ideas. MONT5 is focusing its efforts on reviving the whole industry”