How Did MONT5 Get Its Name

We see the names of global companies all the time without knowing or caring about the idea behind that name. A brand name is the first thing that we come across as a customer, therefore making it creative is as important as anything else.

A brand name is something that we can rely on if we want to leave an impression. For instance, some brands name their companies in accordance to the target audience, some prefer a name that represents their culture. We are the latter.

14 tallest peaks of the world are 8000+meters and Pakistan is home to 5 of them and “MONT5” represents those 5 Mountains. The whole idea behind this name originated from a patriotic bone in our bodies. Being a Pakistani brand dealing in an international market, our aim is to be known by our identity and the name fits perfectly with the fundamental values of this business.

How Did MONT5 Get Its Name

Pakistan is a beautiful yet under-discovered country enriched with stunning sights and mesmerizing landscapes. Apart from that, there is a huge leather industry in Pakistan but the lack of resources and limited employment opportunities has played a huge role in its downfall.

So how did we brought it back to life? Let’s start from the beginning!

The person behind this company came up with the idea of reviving the leather industry in Pakistan 4 years ago. He was hit by the realization that some great designers and craftsmen that we have in the country are being underutilized. But things were not as simple as they might seem. We were lacking the resources we needed to start this journey of amazing leather that is without a doubt the best in quality.

How Did MONT5 Get Its Name

That’s when we tried our luck with the kick-starter campaign. We set a foot into this roller coaster with the hope of positive outcome but to our surprise, backers were generous enough to help us raise $42,097 in a month, 234% of the desired goal. It actually strengthened our faith in this idea and motivated us to keep going.

How Did MONT5 Get Its Name

In a short period of time, Mont5 has achieved a lot in terms of loyal and satisfied customers, a strong standing in the global market and revitalizing the craftsmanship in Pakistan. We’re known for blending traditional methods with ultra-modern designs and patterns. Not only do we come up with the most unique and trendy designs in leather jacket collection but also bring to you the perfect replicas of cosplay and superhero costumes.

How Did MONT5 Get Its Name

Oh, wait! It doesn’t end here.

What comes to your mind when someone says ‘leather’?
Men’s leather jackets, a leather bags? Well, it can either be a big dynamic duffel, a brilliantly designed backpack, wonderful wallet or a trendy tote, we’ve got it all.

We might be comparatively new in this fashion parade but we’ve got it figured out for the most part. So while we decide on the new styles and stunning designs super comfortable outerwear, why don't you go check out our latest collection at MONT5 and watch out for the guide on how to buy a leather jacket. It’s coming soon!

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